about us

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

– Imogen Cunningham

My fascination with pictures started when I was young. As a little girl, I cut out my favorite shots from magazines and stuck them on my bedroom wall. I also filled my purse with photos of my parents, my dog, and myself. Soon, I began to take pictures of anything and everything I could set my eyes on. I used disposable film cameras until I took an introductory photography class in high school, where I tried my first digital point-and-shoot camera. I loved the fact that with digital, I could see my pictures as soon as I took them.

After high school, my parents surprised me with a new, more “sophisticated” camera that had more functions and settings than I’d ever used before. Even though classes and extracurricular activities kept me busy in college, I’d always make time on Sunday afternoons to explore the town with my new camera in tow and take as many pictures as possible. When I finished college, I saved enough money to buy my first Canon DSLR. I was thrilled to finally expand beyond the trusty point and shoot that had served me well for so many years. My new camera also gave me a reason to study and learn about the tips and techniques that could make my picture taking even better. I started reading photography web-sites and taught myself how to make the most of my camera.

Up to that point, I was content with photography as a hobby. I never imagined I would want it to be anything more than that … until one fateful day at a park with a good friend. His four simple words – “Hey! Take my picture!” – sparked what has now become one of my greatest passions. After an hour of taking pictures in and around the park – and receiving positive comments on his pictures – I knew I wanted photography to be more than just a side interest. I kept practicing, using my friends and family (and anyone else I could bribe) as my “willing victims.” In September of 2011, a local Saint Louis band – Mercy’s Child – let me take pictures of them during one of their sets at a local bar and grill. I shot with my new prime lens and later posted the pictures on Facebook. The response was great and as more requests for photos came in, Anna Elisabeth Photography was born. My journey has barely begun and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. Until next time....Happy Framing!